Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan Brewer - The Ugly American

Jan Brewer Republican from Arizona is really one UGLY AMERICAN... inside and out! Her rudeness to President Obama was unprecedented. She is so full of bigotry, its thick enough to see and one can literally cut it with a knife!

You can tell she is lying when she speaks because, believe it or not... SHE ISN'T GOOD AT IT. She reminds me of a little child trying to fool the grownups. How pathetic that she was able to win the governorship of Arizona. How many lives has she ruined so far...? I wonder, HOW MANY? I'm sure it's in the 4 digits, maybe even 5 or 6.

When I saw how rudely she treated our President (he is President to us all) …and we all know why... She doesn't like his skin color and probably believes the police should have asked him for his papers. She knew that it wasn’t possible for her brown-shirts to confront THE PRESIDENT... so she decided to do it herself.

What Hubris, she is so cocksure of herself it’s pitiful but that's not new within the GOP, they all believe they are the ELITE and everyone else should be at their beck and call, completely subservient to them..

Well, maybe it's easy to convince their diehard followers that they really care about people, we, the other half of America… you know the ones with half a brain, know exactly what they (GOP) are up to. That's why they hate us, that's why they hate President Obama, that's why they hate INTELIGENCE AND CRITICAL THINKING. They hate anything that will take away their power and will do ANYTHING to maintain or grab control.

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Jan Brewer - Immigration, border security and "headless bodies"

Brewer believes in strict enforcement of border security, with absolutely no amnesty for illegal immigrants entering the United States unlawfully over the Mexico – United States border. In addition to signing Arizona SB 1070, she has prohibited state and local governments from giving any public benefits to illegal aliens, in addition to making it a misdemeanor for a state or local government official to fail to report immigration law violations discovered while administering a public benefit or service. Brewer has also supported efforts to re-deploy the National Guard of the United States along the southern Arizona border, in an attempt to provide increased border security.

On June 27, 2010, Brewer appeared on "Sunday Square Off", which broadcasts on KPNX-TV. While speaking on the subject of crime related to illegal immigration, she was quoted as saying that "law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded", a claim that has been disproven.

On July 11, 2010, Jan Brewer announced that 10 million dollars given to her state by the federal government, most of which was intended to go to education, would instead go to enforcing border security.

PHOENIX – In a sudden about-face, Gov. Jan Brewer on Thursday evening made public a copy of the letter she handed President Obama during their high-profile encounter a day earlier that dominated national news, the blogosphere and water-cooler conversation.

Brewer had presented the letter to Obama during an official airport welcome that turned into a brief confrontation, during which she pointed a finger at the president.

At one point Thursday, the feisty interaction at the start of the president's visit sent "Jan Brewer" to No. 8 on Twitter's trending topics in the U.S. Online sales of Brewer's book Scorpions for Breakfast exploded. And the "finger wag" led to a petition by state Democrats asking Brewer to apologize to the president.

Brewer continued to defend her actions Thursday, saying she meant no disrespect to the president and explaining that she often gestures when she speaks. She called allegations that their confrontation was a publicity stunt "absolutely ridiculous."

In a Thursday night interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, Obama shrugged off the tarmac encounter.

"What I have discovered is that -- I think it's always good publicity for a Republican if they're in an argument with me."

He added: "But this was really not a big deal."

Some of the discussion Thursday in the media and on the Internet about the encounter centered on what was in the letter the governor delivered to Obama on the tarmac of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, particularly after her office said it would not be releasing the letter.

When The Arizona Republic requested a copy, Brewer's spokesman, Matthew Benson, said no copies existed and the letter was "personal, handwritten" correspondence not subject to open-records laws.

On Thursday, Benson released the letter, saying: "Unbeknownst to me" a copy was made. "I sincerely regret the miscommunication."

The one-page letter was written in cursive script on Executive Office stationery. The letter touches on job creation, the state's budget, and Brewer mentions visiting the border.


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