Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tell CNN -- stop spreading FOX's lies

Tell CNN -- stop spreading FOX's lies

I've noticed CNN moving toward the views of the Tea Party and Limbaugh's Ditto Heads... Maybe, that's why I seldom watch it anymore. Come on CNN, if you want more viewers try taking them away from MSNBC and not FOX (you call that news?). What do you have against a THINKING audience anyway? thinkingblue

You too, can tell CNN off by signing the petition below...


Since Saturday, more than 45,000
members have called on CNN to stop helping FOX launch its latest race-baiting smear campaign.If enough of us speak out, we can stop FOX's distortions from spreading. Can you help us reach the 50,000 mark by signing the letter to CNN and asking your friends to do the same?...You can sign the letter here -- it takes just a moment:

The real danger of FOX

FOX has consistently stoked the fears of some White Americans that President Obama might favor Blacks over Whites -- an irresponsible and dangerous game. But it's even more dangerouswhen other news networks amplify and validate what they're doing. This is FOX's plan, and it's important to note that just before the story got covered on CNN, FOX spent the previous day accusing the other news organizations of not covering the story. They set the bait and CNN took it.

It's the same pattern that was used to put ACORN out of business. FOX ran a smear-campaign with partial or fabricated information and then got other news outlets to follow and run with the same story without digging deeper. Once the truth came out, it was too late.

We expect FOX to lie and distort. But for CNN and others to fall into the trap of repeating FOX's claims is a different story. Now, in hopes of preventing similar situations in the future, we must fight back. Join us in calling on CNN to do real reporting, and not mainstream FOX's distortions and lies. And when you do, please ask your family and friends to do the same.
It only takes a moment:

Thanks and Peace, -- James, Gabriel, William, Dani,
Milton and the rest of the team

July 10th, 2010

Watch A Fracking Mess 'GASLAND' here


RNC Document Mocks Donors, Plays on 'Fear'

Thom Hartmann on Freespeech TV

New Robes For SCOTUS

Please sign this very important petition

"demand question time" (of our
political leaders)
We really need more dialog from those at the top... The
Republicans have got to be made to realize they can't hide behind
"NO" any longer! thinkingblue

Click to go to MOVE TO AMEND and sing petition.


Let's keep our heads, while we continue




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