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We know Iraq is a powder keg but did we know just how much. Bush keeps muttering the word WIN... I can't imagine what the hell he hopes to win... is it OIL, PRESTIGE, POWER or all of the above? Now Turkey is getting effected by the Iraq lawlessness this war has caused. Regional warfare was the cautionary counsel put to the Bush/Neocons about a preemptive war in Iraq which, of course, they turned a deaf ear to... Well, it looks as though we are looking at far more than a Bush WIN in Iraq. While Bush has his wet dreams of becoming the planet's most beloved leader, we just might be looking down the barrel of some indisputable WMD's that are not hidden away in some Bush/Neocon pipedream. thinkingblue

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Slowly but surely this conflict is drawing in country after country. In my
opinion this is going to end in a world war The countries I fear the most are
Syria, Libiya, Iran and Russian (given their cozy relationship with Iran). And
Bush has the gumption to rattle his sabre at Iran. It scares me silly! He's
deluding himself if he thinks the US is invincible. The conflict is broadening.
How can he possibly contain the conflagration? Britain and the US lost all
credibility in the eyes of the world when they invaded Iraq on the basis of a
lie. It was all for oil. Neither country lifted a finger to rescue the million
people butchered in Rwanda because Rwanda has little or no mineral value to the
western world. Neither did the US lift a finger to help the millions who died
under Pol Pot's regime in Cambodia following the Vietnam war, for exactly the
same reason. Oh, the hypocrisy and the inhumanity of it all!


There are several million Turkish Kurds living in Turkey. There has been
repression and segregation of these Kurds for decades with sporadic fighting as
the Kurds sought economic and political advancement within Turkey. It's very
complicated and a long-time conflict; not something that has occurred over the
last 5 yrs.

" The disparity and repression led to the formation of an armed separatist
movement, the PKK, in 1984. While the majority of Turkey's Kurds do not openly
support separatism from the Turkish state, many do support the PKK, as the only
force fighting for broader Kurdish cultural, economic and political rights."

Portions of Turkey use to belong to the Kurds (Kurdistan, I believe) and so
there is a conflict, not unlike the one between Pakistan and India, going on
over territory and borders.


Could you imagine the reaction of countries that are told by the U.S. that they
shouldn't unilaterally attack a territory to go after people who are attacking
them. Hypocrite has to be the first word on everyone's mind.


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Why do we most always see everything oversimplified.

Sadam acted as if he was hiding WMD

He wanted to be feared and was

There is no such thing as Arab unity, with the only exception being common hate
of infidels

They are their own worst enemy

Dictatorship, (hopefully benevolent), monarchy and pseudo democracy, (on strong
leader), are the only stable type of systems possible in the Arab/Islamic


Regardless of jatfla's informative comment about the history between the
Turkish-Kurdish conflict, egoldstein is correct.

We ceeded the right to lecture anyone about invading other countries over
perceived security issues the moment we launched our bogus pre-emptive war
against Iraq. I wish someone in Washington had used some brain power before they
proceeded to open Pandora's Box.


Turkey is afraid that if Iraq splits into thirds...that the Northern Kurdish
Nation would naturally acquire the Southern Half of Turkey which is mostly
Kurdish. They're being proactive....besides, there's lots of oil up there.


Unbelievable, the facts you gain just because a bunch of knuckleheads got
together, stole an election, actualized their dreams of a second Pearl Harbor, which enabled them to flex their illusionary muscle and preempt a war on a
little country loaded with oil. Not being a history buff, I knew little about
Turkey, maybe some statistics such as, it was democratic, and it was secular... And of course most of us took notice when the knuckleheads kept trying to persuade Turkey to let U.S. forces use its territory to invade Iraq... Turkey said NO GO and little old naive me, from the getgo, unequivocally thought the USA should not go into Iraq with force ... had hoped this Turkey setback would wake up the blockheads and make them realize it was a BAD IDEA. But, sadly, it just wasn't in the cards. When the power hungry lust for something there will be NO THINKING TWICE, just like kids hypnotized by TV cartoons, they were hypnotized with their grandiose ideas. Anyway, I am always thankful to learn something new (or old but new to me) but somehow I wished the knowledge I've gained had remained unattained, that would have meant the US invasion of Iraq never happened. If only... and then, maybe this would not be the headlines for
Seven US Troops Killed in Iraq Attacks
A spate of bombings and shootings over the last couple of days killed seven US
soldiers and wounded eight others in Baghdad and surrounding areas, the US
military said Sunday. (if only... thinkingblue)


by: Elizabeth Oakes-Smith (1806-1893)

AND is this life? and are we born for this?

To follow phantoms that elude the grasp,

Or whatso'er's secured, within our clasp,

To withering lie, as if each mortal kiss

Were doomed death's shuddering touch alone to meet.

O Life! has thou reserved no cup of bliss?

Must still THE UNATTAINED beguile our feet?

The UNATTAINED with yearnings fill the breast,

That rob, for aye, the spirit of its rest?

Yes, this is Life; and everywhere we meet,

Not victor crowns, but wailings of defeat;

Yet faint thou not, thou dost apply a test,

That shall incite thee onward, upward still,

The present cannot sate, nor e'er thy spirit fill.


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