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Ron Paul will bring sanity back to Republicans and Democrats

Ron Paul is making waves and we are all desirous of waves of truth. Both parties have been failing us, we need some new blood in our leadership roles. Please read the following blog article and watch the Bill Maher youtube video, to hear some truth from a politician for a change. thinkingblue

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The importance of Ron Paul

Our animated little thinker Americans may well be
confused by the candidacy of Ron Paul, 10-term Congressman from Texas. Although
he is a Republican, his responses during the Republican candidates debates clearly shocked the
Republican Party "leaders". Even more shocking was the fact that Paul, in Fox
News' own poll, won
the debate. Add in the "alarming" fact that Paul ran for President once before,
as the nominee of the Libertarian Party.

Paul has upset the political
applecart. Leading Republicans are shaken. Apologists for American foreign
policy, regardless of party, are shaken. It's one thing to understand what the
truth is, and quite another to hear a Presidential candidate speak it so
clearly. That is the
tremor Ron Paul has caused.
A reasonable question arises in
the minds of loyal Republicans... why is Ron Paul running as a Republican when
his views are so contrary to the actions of that party?
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Blogger cumberland said...

"Cynicism and defeatism are NOT options to be entertained.
We are in the eleventh hour of losing this Nation..."

Consider the only Conservative Presidential Candidate...

Hello and Welcome my name is: Joel Lemieux I am retired and currently live in the beautiful mountains of Western, NC... I have been an avid supporter of Dr Ron Paul... "We have to get Ron Paul elected, firstly and foremost, in the primaries"... Then on to the Presidency!!!

However, if this is to come about (Ron Paul 2008) we will require a war chest... We are attempting to get (1) one Million people to send Ron Paul only $7.00 each per Month... If you have any ideas as to how we might bring this about please communicate with me and perhaps we may structure a "Nationwide" forum (starting at the County level) of like minded patriots... Thanks... Joel...

Meanwhile Consider The Following:

Our Only Choice!!! Leadership 2008

Can Ron Paul Win? On The Issues - A Resounding YES!

Knowing this let us then look at the most important benefit… that Ron Paul brings to the Presidency...


Leadership is Action Through *Example Not Position...

(It is not a position of power nor being in the right place at the right time, neither define leadership).

It is defined by setting the example through taking action on such Leadership Traits as Truthfulness! Honesty! Fidelity!

Ron Paul Has Acted Admirably On All These Leadership Traits:

“Truthfulness” first and foremost… Then: Principle, Integrity, Honesty,* Fidelity (to their oaths), Honor, Virtue, Compassion, Courage, Vision, Wisdom and Faith.


Can anyone bring forth any other candidate (GOP or DEM, etc.) that can lay claim to all of these characteristics?

I believe we are all hard pressed to do so... “Strike That”. I "KNOW" we ARE hard pressed!

Check out this site it may give you some promo assistance... It has a promo area where everything can be printed out for free... It also has "send to friends" area for e-mailing... Hope this helps you ...

Get the word out "SHARE" with your friends... And don't forget the $7 per Month "we all can afford that" remember each of us do not need to get thousands of people... just set a weekly goal and have any/all of your friends duplicate your efforts... It will be persistence and perseverance that will elect Ron Paul...

PS: Start with flyers at the Universities put one on each and every bulletin board on campus also look for support from the student GOP... Then have them go to other campus's... Also, don't forget High School Seniors - by the time elections roll around they will be old enough to vote! Good Luck… And may our efforts be blessed…

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