Wednesday, April 25, 2007


THINKINGBLUE'S PICK and are joining forces to BRING OUR TROOPS HOME. The American people have spoken and told our President that we are fed up with his war, based on lies, deception and A TOWERING EGO.

Bush Jr.'s neurotic desire to become history's most wise and discerning president of the USA has been exposed and his delusional dreams of greatness, to his dismay, will be instead judged sternly and disparagingly.

But yet, like an addicted gambler who thinks, one more roll of the dice will be a winner, he continues with his preposterous quest of somehow turning this disaster of a war into...A SUCCESS!

In the meantime, our young people who once believed in him, are dying every moment he takes breath. Still, he drags his numbed feet in an effort to keep his degenerated plan, alive, no matter the suffering.

Bush, believes he has more power allotted to a president of a democracy and while he lives in this hallucinatory world, our forefather's attempt to give this land, the principles of social equality for everyone, is crumbling.

Please help to stop the degeneration of our way of life by joining any effort trying to curtail the disservice of Bush and his egotistical know-nothing group of neocon think-tankers. Whose only notions, are to prove points and show us unworldly lackeys that only they know what is good for us and our world!

Click the above banner to go to moveon's site and watch again, one vet's opinion of the insanity Bush and Pals brought upon him and all of us who believe in honor and rationality. Thank you, thinkingblue

LOS ANGELES (April 20, 2007) --

Oliver Stone will direct a TV
commercial as part of a campaign by and to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq.

The Oscar-winning director and Vietnam veteran will direct a 30-second spot that will air in about three weeks on national TV. It will feature a U.S. veteran of the Iraq war or the family of a veteran discussing the war's impact.

"They're giving it from their personal experience, either being on the ground or being at home waiting for their mother, father, husband to come home," spokesman Alex Howe said Friday.

Stone, 60, is donating his services, Howe said.

"We have leaders in Washington who say they're `supporting our troops'
-- but the people who suffer most from their policies are the troops
Stone said in a statement Thursday.

"I decided to participate in this project because, as a veteran, I know that America needs to listen to our servicemen and women. They've been there and they know what's really going on. They need to be part of this debate."

The soldier or family in the commercial will be chosen from some 20 finalists by members in an online vote. Video interviews of the finalists will appear on's Web site and on YouTube.

"Stories from veterans and family members have poured in over the past few years and we wanted to provide a platform where they could speak directly to the American people and policymakers," said Nita Chaudhary, a campaigner.

Stone won best director Oscars for "Born on the Fourth of July" and "Platoon." He won a screenwriting Oscar for "Midnight Express."

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