Monday, January 29, 2007

BUSH'S WAR BUILT ON LIES January 27, 2007

On January 27, 2007, a peace rally took place on the steps of our Capital in Washington DC. The courageous people who brave the cold and the pro-war conservatives, deserve a rousing applause for their peace efforts. Many have experienced the horrors of war but many have not. You don't have to fight in a war battle to know how heinous the act of killing or the fear of being killed can be.

I wanted to do something to help us all realize the heroism of the anti-war protestors who represent 70% of the American populous. Citizens, who want this war to end and who also want those responsible to be punished, under our war criminality laws. I gathered actual pictures from an
Internet News Site
and used some clips from CNN Headline News... Also,
downloads from YOUTUBE'S anti-war protests (and there were megatons of posts there).

Jane Fonda has had enough of Bush's war and finally came out of moth balls to join the protest and give a speech, because "SILENCE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION!" As well as Sean Penn and Tim Robbins. And of course our
Dennis Kucinich who was one of our few representatives AGAINST BUSH'S WAR FROM THE GET-GO! Please watch the short clip below and hope that this IRAQ WAR WILL END SOON, in spite of George W Bush's lust for it to continue. thank you, thinkingblue

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