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Still Reeling from Bush's speech of January 10, 2007... I wanted to blog the information I just received from Its time for Democrats (AND EVERYONE) to Just Say No on Iraq!!!! Below I posted my feelings the day after that Kafkaesque speech... Still feel the same nausea today... Please read the information from AND ACT! Thank you, thinkingblue


Click hereBush's speech of January 10, 2007 was the most preposterous so called oral communication thus far from the little man we call PRESIDENT. I was left feeling like I was back in THE TWILIGHT ZONE once AGAIN! I have been living there since 2000 when Mr. W. Bush was first appointed president. But with November's election results... The door to the area of ambiguity creaked open just a little, to allow me to escape... But, after that Wednesday night, prime time, mouthful of mush from the FOLLOW DA LEADER INTO HELL president... I somehow was flipped and tossed right smack-dab in the middle of the ZANY ZONE again. Thank goodness, Keith Olbermann decided to comment on this rehearsed and re-rehearsed blather from DAFFY LAME DUCK DUBYU ... Thank you Keith, once again you have saved my sanity by SAYING IT ALL, even if it only lasted for a little while! NOW GET READY FOR THE BUMP !!!! thinkingblue
PS: It is Time to DumpDubyu

It's Time for Democrats to Just Say No on Iraq George Bush's super-hyped speech calling for escalation in Iraq was a political disaster. The American people now
overwhelmingly oppose Bush's handling of the war (72%), oppose Bush's escalation plan (61%), and want to bring all our troops home in 2007 (56%).

These polls are terrifying to Republicans (candidates) - their own pollster told them "if U.S. boots are still on the ground in Iraq and U.S. blood is still being spilled there at the end of the year, the GOP disaster in 2008 will eclipse 2006." Even Bob Novak predicts an "electoral catastrophe."

Please send this message to your Representatives:

End War Funding, Begin War Investigations

****Presidential Candidates Should Take the Lead***

The 2008 Presidential campaign is in full swing, and the Democratic candidates want our support.

Let's tell them what they must do to earn it!

1. Deny all funds for Bush's escalation

2. Support immediate redeployment of U.S. troops, to be completed by the end of 2007 using the funds already appropriated

3. Oppose the $100 billion "Supplemental" appropriation in March and any other bills to extend the U.S. occupation of Iraq

We are keeping track of the positions of all the candidates here:

You can click on the name of each candidate and email our three principles. They are listening to us very carefully - let's speak up!

***March and Lobby in Washington on January 27th, 28th, and 29th***


Come to Washington, D.C., on January 27. Join in the march for peace being organized by United for Peace and Justice, and impeachment events on January 28th being planned by Progressive Democrats of America.

Make appointments now to meet with your Congress Member on January 29th to demand impeachment and peace. Get organized with others in your Congressional District.

TIP: Buy a dozen or more Impeachment Shirts, bring them to D.C., sell them at a profit, and pay for your trip.

***Sign Up for Lobby Day Now***

Register now for the UFPJ Congressional Advocacy Day (lobby day) January 29, 2007

March to the Capitol on J27 -- march into your Rep. and Senators' offices on J29!

Register Here:

Plan to spend three days in D.C. On Saturday, march. On Sunday, take part in workshops and training sessions on peace and impeachment. Meet with fellow activists from
your state and congressional district and prepare for Monday. On Monday, lobby your Congress Member and Senators for two things:

1. No more funding for this war.

2. Investigations of the justification for and conduct of this war.

***Print Out a Flyer and Make Copies***

Click image for flyer in Word. Blank areas on right are for you to fill in local info.



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