Friday, December 02, 2005


Before we start shopping our backside's off, let us consider exactly what this holiday season is in reality. It's a time to spend our hard earned cash on worthless crap, made in some far away land. Just for the sake, of satisfying the insatiable wholesalers, retailers and stockholders who are already so abundantly covetous and wealthy. Really that is what it is all about.

I don't like this time of year, with its rudeness and its feelings of depression and loneliness. There is a collective insanity going on, in the hearts of many. We feel compelled to throw money away on gifts for this one and that one. And of course, we always miss some fool who brings us a last minute crappy gift and we don't have a nonsense piece of garbage to "retaliate" with.

There always seems to be this "BIG LET DOWN" mood, when all is said and done and the secret baubles, we had hidden so carefully, now lie uncovered strewed about like so much residue, besmirching the red eyes of sight. Stained rugs, dirty dishes piled high, broken ornaments, sounds of belching and fumes of audible discharge of intestinal gasses from the over-inflated bowels of the jolly. Phew, who needs it?

My favorite blogger Mark Morford, knows how to put all this merriment into the precise wording. Please click this link to read and hear the wonderful sounds of ... TIS THE SEASON TO BE MELANCHOLY. ThinkingBlue
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