Tuesday, May 10, 2005

National Religion or United States Theocracy

Listen up, we are fast becoming a Theocracy, so we should study up on how we must act according to the new laws that will be enacted once this form of government has totally taken over our United States Republic. Please read and learn for you may wind up in prison (or worse) if you break any of these theocratic laws. Below is a letter I found in my
FREE THOUGHT TODAY newsletter, read it carefully and you will learn the basic rules to becoming a theocrat. Whoops, I forgot to mention, you must first divorce yourself from any rational, reasoning notions you may have picked up during your lifetime of freedom to think and speak as a levelheaded common sense type human being. ThinkingBlue



The rightwing variety of Christianity is now the national religion, with church/state separation fading fast. Here is the religion we are supposed to adopt as we happily pour our tax dollars into the churches to support faith-based initiatives.

This rightwing conservative religion takes the bible literally, that is to say...There is a man-creature (God created man in his own image.) This God sitting up in the sky somewhere, beyond cloud-nine is a creature who has absolute control of everything on Earth
and the rest of the universe. But wait, God is not responsible for evil. Evil is the job for the devil, a creature down in the ground somewhere beyond the earthworms.

Jesus was born of a virgin, impregnated by God via, in vitro fertilization . Jesus was a man, a god and something else; actually, we got three for the price of one. He performed dozens of miracles, including bringing the dead to life. He died, arose from the dead, and went to heaven about 2,000 years ago. He will return to Earth any day now and take to heaven all the gullible folks who believe all this nonsense and he will throw all us rational people into hell.

-- Wayne from Kentucky—

Democracy, Not Theocracy!

"Christianity and Democracy are inevitably enemies."

From a blogspot .... Thursday, February 26, 2004

Mom, I'm a Terrorist

Ever had one of those days where everything seems to be going well – the sort where your professional life is going so well that you want to climb on top of your desk and shout, "I'm the king of the world!" and dance a jig? I was having a day like that earlier this week. Things were going really well. In fact, I went through my day working hard to make sure my students understood why the Truman Doctrine was so important to American foreign policy in the nuclear age (notice: not nuculer, but that's a whole other chestnut) and trying to get 14 year olds to understand what Romeo and Juliet is saying, if not why we still read it. Then I got home and discovered something about myself I didn't know…I'm a member of a terrorist organization. I KNOW! I was shocked too! I had no idea I was a WILLING a part of terrorist organization! And I pay dues to these people!

At least that is what the head of education in the United States would have you believe. Rod Paige's comment was shocking and an affront to every teaching professional. Even as a joke, which Paige claims it was, it does not diminish the idea behind his comments:
teacher's unions are evil and any respectable teacher should be ashamed of being a part of such an organization. Even as the audience of governors and other government officials laughed, it drove home the unspoken suggestion: teachers and those that represent them clearly cannot possibly have any legitimate say in forming the policy that affects them every day. And even as Rod Paige only moments later praised teachers for their fine work with a wink and a yuk-yuk-just-kiddin'-ya smile, it does not weaken the clear contempt that the Bush administration has for teachers. While Paige calls the joke "an inappropriate choice of words" any human being living in the world today would know that such an utterance is more than inappropriate.

Why be angry, even after a few days have past? Doesn't every person have a right to disagree? Doesn't every person have the capacity to disagree with an organization while still being supportive of the people in that organization? Absolutely. I have been doing that for quite some time. As an American citizen, it is my right, if not my duty, to question Bush on our involvement in Iraq, if only to gain a better understanding. Yet I remain unwaveringly and overwhelmingly supportive of our fine military. As a Christian, I question how the Catholic Church handled the recent sex scandals, but support the rank and file priests and nuns who do so much for humanity. And yes, as a member of a teacher's union, I question some policies that the MEA and NEA hold, and work to change them while supporting my colleagues who work so hard to create an educated society.

But I am not Rod Paige. I am not the head educator in the United States. Rod Paige is. I do not speak for the President of the United States and the government of the United States on matters of education. Rod Paige does. I am not responsible for formulating policy that affects every teacher, school and district in the United States. Rod Paige is. So when Rod Paige calls those teachers that he is charged with representing members of a terrorist organization, yes, it is a big deal. It requires more than platitudes and insincere apologies. I am a teacher and I take it personally. I consider it irresponsible, reprehensible and repugnant. I consider it slanderous. And it makes me question exactly how this man, who has spent time (distant as it may be) as a teacher, administrator and superintendent can possibly stand in front of educators now and ask us to follow his lead. But then again, I'm just a teacher.

The tears fall each time young soldiers, die.

For a lie…

The tears fall as last breaths whisper, goodbye.

For a lie…

The tears fall, as exploding bombs, fill the sky.

For a lie…

The tears fall, filled with hate, questioning why?


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