Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Election of Donald Trump and the Clan Mentality

Read this typical Liberal Facebook Member's angst... (image above) The conservative mindset for the most part is prejudicial... How do I know this, Donald Trump could have only been elected by people who think of themselves as better than others, especially the others who do not share their viewpoint. Anyone who doesn't fit into their interpretation of who belongs in America will be ridiculed and should possibly be deported or maybe imprisoned (or inconceivably worse). This is not new; hate has always been a part of society. Its roots began with a thing called Clan Mentality. thinkingblue

PS: Molly Ivins' quote: “There are three important questions about who runs a society: Who's getting screwed? Who's doing the screwing? And what the hell will they do to us next?”

A good read: The CONSERVATIVE CLAN mentality ..."we are superior" ..."our values are the truth" otherwise you are un-american, or inferior (especially if one appreciates our system of government)

I swear this article is about Trump and his supporters, it’s not exactly but it could be. 

Excerpt: The CONSERVATIVE CLAN mentality ..."we are superior" ..."our values are the truth" otherwise you are un-american, or inferior (specially if one appreciates our system of government)
Not a Pretty Picture, That's For Sure!"Conservatives" come in all shapes and stripes, sizes and styles. You may even think of yourself as a "conservative". You may define "conservative" as being cautious, frugal, traditional, Christian, perhaps even "average American". You may believe in small government, low taxes, a strong defense and "traditional" values. These decriptions may well apply to the "good-old-boy" or gal out there in the populace, generally hard-working, meaning no harm, just trying to live their lives.
But these descriptions woefully fail to fully detail the complexities of conservatism, both in the individual "Mom and Pop" Conservative, and certainly in the positions of conservatives in political, economic and cultural power, now and throughout American history.
Let's take them separately.
Mom and Pop Conservative:
These are usually decent folks, but they are just confused. They are confused all the more because they don't even know they are confused. Here's why. Most of them haven't thought deeply about their political beliefs; they just go along with the flow of the society they belong to. It's very similar to their religious beliefs. They don't go out and learn about and try out all of the world's religions to find the one that brings them closer to God; usually they believe in the religion that is given to them by their parents or spouse or immediate society. You would think that if they really love God as much as they say they do, they would make a little more effort to learn as much as they can about God by understanding what other religions and cultures have to say about the subject. But no, they are satisfied to take the easy way out and just believe what they are told to believe.
So, too, with their politics, which actually often marches in lock-step with their religious affiliation. You would think that if they love America so much, they would have studied American history and closely follow all of the nuances of the major political issues facing the country. But they do not. Most of them haven't studied and don't closely follow politics. They never knew or have forgotten much about American politics and history. They haven't even thought very deeply about what makes America America. They mostly rely on their "gut" instincts about what is right and wrong, but that instinct is fostered largely by what everyone else around them seems to believe, and is very easily manipulated.Excerpt 2: Mom and Pop Conservative claim they love America but not enough to pay very much, if any, tax to support it. They love American highways, the postman, Social Security, Medicare, retirement, the internet, the Space Program, the National Parks, the electrical grid, the water supply, dams and bridges and airports, plus, of course, the armed forces, but they hate socialism, which is exactly what all of these things are. They complain about people who "blame" America for its mistakes and sins, while they, the true patriots, are perfectly willing to allow America to wallow in mediocrity and dabble in immorality. They love America, but don't care much for its land or ideals, or most Americans. They disdain liberal Americans, feminist Americans, unemployed Americans, poor Americans, Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Catholic Americans, Jewish Americans, Islamic Americans, Hindu Americans, Buddhist Americans, Taoist Americans, Shinto Americans, Confucian Americans, agnostic Americans, atheist Americans, gay Americans, lesbian Americans, transgender Americans, and Americans with disabilities. As a modern political (or religious) philosophy, conservatism is an absolute mess. It only makes sense as clan mentality.
So Mom and Pop conservative are basically good-hearted people, who in their conformity and clan mentality just haven't thought things out very well.

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