Friday, November 09, 2012

We Did It!

Rachael Maddow outdoes herself once again with her November 7th 2012 show. She talks and itemizes all the fears that we (those who can critically THINK, to the GOP Tea Party's dismay) had before the election. The FEARS of a Romney win were astronomical and numerous; A conservative pick of Supreme Court Judges that would render SCOTUS, picayune because every judgment would be predictable; A fear that Roe vs. Wade would be overturned along with the annihilation of Planned Parenthood. Romney promised to do away with Medicare as we know it, thus, handing the elderly a $6000 voucher and telling them, GO FEND FOR YOURSELF and find a Health Insurance Company that's willing to insure your sick old body. A genuine fear for women who envisioned themselves back in the 1950's imprisoned by their own bodies, looking for a clothes-hanger or a back alley, to solve their insurmountable dilemma (and in many cases alone, no help from the one who was instrumental in delivering her into this state of extreme distress, just like during the ‘50's, feeling a cultural shame that was, without a doubt, not hers alone).
There was so much apprehension on election night but in some strange way, it wasn’t all bad because it drove people to stand in voting lines for hours, braving bad weather to cast their vote, at the same time hoping beyond hope that they would not be turned away due to Republicans trying to disenfranchise the electorate who vote Democratic. Thank all that is good, it's over and President Obama won reelection and a special Thank You to Rachael for enlightenment, telling it like it is. thinkingblue’s

No More Fear, Obama Has Won Election 2012! from thinkingblue on Vimeo.

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