Friday, September 17, 2010

Tea Party, Who?

Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes TEA PARTY, WHO?


Hey, they didn't come out of nowhere, they were there ALL THE TIME.

Finally a discussion about the illusive Tea Party, answering the mysterious question, just where did it come from and who are the members? It seems that everyone is abuzz about this newly formed “Party”. It’s been said they were spawned out of anger. The American people are all outraged over
Government Spending, Bail-outs, job instability and the optimal Republican baited word "TAXES". These members dress up in teabags, carry weapons and bigoted placards while clamoring IT’S THE GOVERNMENT’S FAULT… DOWN WITH BIG GOVERNMENT. Hmmm, where have I heard that before? I think I could safely say… I’ve heard it most of my adult life from indoctrinated Republicans. Actually, it became the GOP mantra during the Barry Goldwater years and got louder with each Republican victory. Reagan was able to slip into the Whitehouse with the help of Tea Party members who weren’t called Tea Partiers at the time. They’ve been there all along, nothing new here folks. Same ole, same ole with a new name. It’s marketing… Change a name; add a new word and the worn-out product resells like hotcakes. Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes deliver this “tell it like it is” on The Rachel Maddow Show of September 16, 2010. The cat is out of the teabag. thinkingblue

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